Farmers Cooperative Association's team provides a variety of products to help you to make the best decisions for your operation. We utilize soil and tissue, grid and zone sampling to provide personalized recommendations.



Precision Ag


Your soil's nutrient levels are critical to maximize a crop’s yield, quality and profit. There are few things that can be controlled during the growing season, but nitrogen is one thing that can be controlled.

Our variable rate nitrogen application solution makes input decisions easy and ensures crop production success. Our service is focused on helping you grow and manage your return on investment by bringing you the latest in precision agriculture expertise, products and technology.

Our methodology optimizes the 4R Nutrient Principles to ensure:

  • The right source is applied for a balanced supply of essential nutrients.
  • The right rate is applied so decisions are based on soil nutrient supply and demand, and you don’t spend unnecessary input costs.
  • The right time is achieved based on crop uptake, soil supply, nutrient loss risks and field operation logistics.
  • The right place is addressed based on nutrient movement and spatial variability within the field to meet site-specific crop needs and limit potential losses from the field.

In production agriculture, conditions change daily and acre to acre. That's why we are here to deliver what you need, where you need it and when you need it.



Basing decisions off a soil sample alone isn’t an economical approach. The recommendation would only apply for the day the sample was taken. Depending on the length of time between the sample and application date, soil nutrient needs could substantially change – impacting your yield and ROI.

Past yield also isn’t an accurate indicator of current nutrient needs. Weather patterns and conditions can be drastically different from year-to-year, making data inconsistent and unreliable for what is currently happening in the field.  

Our approach accounts for what’s currently happening in the field and that lets us know if and when nitrogen is needed.

  • Shortly after planting, we will apply a reference strip. This can either be an extra pass in the field by the applicator or a Zero Check – an area in the field where no fertilizer is applied.
  • After the reference strip is applied, we will monitor the field. If the strip appears, that means it’s time to apply fertilizer. If the strip doesn’t appear, then that means enough nutrients are in the soil to obtain optimum yield and ROI. This will save you on input costs.
  • If the strip appears, we will collect NDVI imagery and GreenSeeker data points to run a variable rate recommendation. At this time, we will show you the field’s ROI, yield potential and recommendation. Based off this information, you can control your ROI adjust the recommendation to put your in control over your ROI.  

Our approach has shown growers to average an additional $10/acre in wheat and $20/acre in corn.


The following informational sheets are to help you find the right products for your operation. From your lawns and gardens to your cash crop, we can help. Contact our agronomy team for a consultation. As always, the information in these documents are to assist in decision making, not to replace label instructions. Always read and follow the label on all chemical.

Pasture Weed Control Guide

Brush Chemical Options Guide

High Volume Brush Control

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We are ready to work alongside you and provide supportive services that put you in control of your ROI. Contact us to secure success this season.

Marty Steichen

Agronomy Manager


Farmer’s Coop carries chemicals listed below including pesticides, weed control, and herbicides. Most chemical comes in two and a half gallon jugs, with some exceptions; most fertilizer comes in fifty pound sacks. 

Find out more information by calling our office at 580-765-5736


2-4D Amine

Cimarron Plus Paraquat 

2-4D LV6#

Cornerstone Plus Patriot 


Cornerstone 5 Plus Powerflex 

Ammonium Sulfate-Lb

Dicamba Max 4# Quelex 

Anthem Max

Envive Roundup Powermax 


Fexapan Rugged


Finesse Sharpen 

Charger Max

Grazon P+D Sterling Blue

Charger Max ATZ

Grazonnext Trivence 


Liberty  Warrant 

Cheetah (Gen Liberty)

MCPE  Zidua

Cimarron Max



Advise 4


Cobalt Advanced

Tundra EC

Grizzly Too

Tundra Supreme








Aproach Prima




 Nitrogen Stablizers:



Nzone GL



Please contact your local Farmers Copperative Association for prices, direct ship, and prepay opportunities.


 Bulk Fertilizer:

UREA (46-0-0)

POTASH (0-0-60) MAP (11-52-0)

DAP (18-46-0)

28% UAN (28-0-0) NH3 (82-0-0)


Bagged Ferilizer:

46-0-0 10-20-10
13-13-13 15-5-10 (Prodamine) 

Custom Spreading- $6.00 PER Acre

Custom Double Spreading- $6.50 PER Acre